Our Story

Eva’s side of the story

_U0L7533_bOur story is a true example that love cannot be controlled, anticipated, or planned… Our story is a sample of destiny and faith in action. Joe and I met at two different points in our lives, moving down two completely different paths… or so we thought. I was living in England in a high level corporate job that I was no longer content with.  I had started realizing at 39 years old that, although I had led the life of a true jet-setter, my life was truly isolated and lonely.  I decided that I needed something to help cheer me up, something that would inject some life back into me.  I decided that as I approached 40 years old, it was finally time to do something for myself.  I booked vacation, and sought out a plastic surgeon in southern California.  I had found the surgeon, and a day before my surgery, my best friend Don called me and said, “Wait, I think I found something better”.  So he contacted the office and was able to get me an appointment the next day with another surgeon.  Don and I sat in the waiting room with anticipation.  There was a group of doctors in the practice, and I really didn’t have any idea who I would get.  I encountered a lot of anxiety because I was hoping for a female surgeon.  When the nurse called my name, Don and I walked into a small consultation room, and we continued to wait, and wait and wait and wait.  I remember saying to myself, “Ok, if this doctor can’t respect my time, I am out of here“.  On the same token, I said to Don, “With my luck, this doctor is going to be tall dark and handsome.”  Within minutes of saying that, in walks Joe.  I remember being in complete shock, looking over at Don, who looked at me in the same way.  I don’t know why, but i jumped up from my seat and said, “Hi my name is Eva” 

 Joe’s side of the story

IMG_0351The first time we went out, I drove 2 hours to take her out for her first Sushi dinner.  I remember seeing her walk up to me and thinking how beautiful she was.  I thought her tall statuesque figure  was very sexy.  These were my first impressions… Within the next 30-45 minutes I learned that she was a passionate and extremely adventurous risk-taking woman.  Like myself, she was intelligent, and above all, she truly cared about the world and the people in it. I had never met another person, especially a woman, who had the dedication, passion, and understanding of the true good of business  and networking success.  This is where my interest was sparked…

I let a few days pass before contacting her again, and this time I had a mission… to ask her on a real date. I called her and left a message and asked, if I could see her the next day.  When she said yes, I immediately felt a childlike rush of joy flow through me.  From that day forward we were inseparable, and we would talk up to 4-5 hours a day every day.  I learned so much more about her, that there was more than meets the eye. She had been through so many hoops and hurdles in life just like I had, and we both wanted similar things… primarily stability in an unstable world.   The conversations ended, and I wished they wouldn’t have, as my interest continued and turned into a flame, and I wanted her… She had no idea how badly.  Within weeks of meeting each other, we both realized we were soulmates. As corny and cheesy as this may sound, it is what we both felt.